Lake Erie Beach

Lake Erie Beach

Thursday, February 6, 2014


If I were to die tomorrow, 
what would be my legacy, 
would you remember me? 

Have I given all I can, 
Set my place in the sand?
Was I good to you?
Did I give you reason to believe,
In a life free and happy?
Have I led you astray,
In my own little way,
Through laughter and play,
To ease the burdens of the day away?
Did I comfort you, 
Guide you, 
Did I remind you,
Of that little piece of heaven,
Living inside you?

Copyright © C. S. Leitze (updated) February 6th, 2014

Sunday, December 16, 2012


Cotton clouds flying high,
Dissipate into the sky,
Reveals a moon shining bright,
Illuminating love’s delight,
Reaching over miles of sea,
Touching my heart instantly,
Igniting these internal fires,
Burning with my heart’s desire, to
Claim my love affectionately, for
My true love,
Who fulfills me.

Copyright © December 16, 2012 C. S. Walls

Monday, July 2, 2012

~Beyond Words~

I see you, your eyes,
Beautiful staring true,
Love shining back at me,
Warming my heart,
Filled to the brim,
Bursting to be heard,
My heart smiles back,

Thoughts travel,
Swirling around inside my mind,
Do you see me,
Do you feel my love,
Shining back at you?
I hope you feel,
Just how much you’re valued.

Wishing I could tell you, but
Unable to speak,
I'm left to stare and wonder, yet
Love is felt completely,
Leaving nothing to question,
Beautiful shines back at me,
Warming my heart.

Copyright © July 2nd, 2012  C. S. Walls