Lake Erie Beach

Lake Erie Beach

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Love in itself is beautiful,
feeling like,
walking on air,
sunshine warming,
from the core,
happy to feel so light,
nothing can touch this,
you can conquer the world, and
anything that crosses your path,
nothing else matters,
there isn’t a problem, that
can’t be solved.

In love,
one who captures my heart, is
one who can make me,
smile with a glance,
words lost at first sight, of
beautiful shining back.

in my presence,
my heart swells,
happy for another moment spent,
together anywhere,
happy when alone,
completely content together,
wanting to give,
all of myself,
showing my love,
in every way,
reaching for that smile,
needing to give, and
do anything, that
shows my love,
for you.

Copyright © May 30th, 2012  C. S. Walls

~Comfort in a thought~

Silent are the words,
Revealing all, that
Flows throughout,
Melodies sing on,
Behind closed eyes,
Revealing a heart,
Beating strong,
Wanting you to see,
Everything that flows,
For you,
Within me.

Copyright © May 27, 2012 C. S. Walls

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

~Love's Embrace~

Soft sighs whisper loves verse,
Day slips into nights embrace.
Moonlight rules the universe,
Illuminating every pace,
Wishing high upon the stars that
Twinkle in reply, as
Soft winds whisper tunes of praise
With resolute imply.

Ties that bind two souls as one,
Dancing graceful through each night,
Holding tight through every stun, of
Dreams that capture loves delight.

Copyright © December, 2011 C. S. Walls


Waking Breathlessly,
Heartbeats quicken,
To touch.
Pulling Closer,
Ignites Passions,
Achingly pleading release,
Through each wave increasing,
Intensity heating,
Arching back,
Reaching out,
Grasp hold,
Lips part,
Pleasures sigh,

Copyright © November, 2011 C. S. Walls