Lake Erie Beach

Lake Erie Beach

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

~Matrimonial Trust~

Many things left unsaid can 
Never really be, this 
Thing you call love is 
Always hurting me
All we share beyond compare
Truth be told, is
Heavens mold
Sit There 
Never sharing,

Nothing given in return
But those actions left
Devastate aim to fate, 
Held so tight as if to smite the
Very union held so dear, creating
Fear in place of cheer,
Bless a bond of
Matrimonial Trust. 

Copyright © September 27, 2011 C. S. Walls

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Bombarded from all sides it feels like
Forceful spears of desperate cheers
Nowhere to turn, nowhere to run
All on my own in this, this
Catastrophic whirlwind of so called
Living that has
Fallen around me
All in the name of freedom from a life of chains
Now what…
These chains follow me wherever I turn
Reaching out
Beseeching my return to their domain
This is my life,
My choice
My decisions in life
How I live this life
No amount of intercept
Will ever change this course
My mind is clear in
Knowing right from wrong
Wrong is remaining to please any other
Wrong is looking my children in the eyes with
Pain in mine for living a lie
Right is showing my children that
Happy is Beautiful in every way
We are meant to live
Walking along his path,
Giving to others as we would want,
Leaving no stone unturned for that
Which leads us to his light 
At the end of our tunnel…

Copyright © September 25th, 2011 C. S. Walls

Thursday, September 15, 2011

~My Love Is~

There are many poems today that
Talk about the weather
Equating all their dying love to
What they had for dinner
Reality is not so cheap when
Faced with real emotions
Roses though they do smell sweet
are just not my devotion
Lust and Passion,
though it’s deep, is
simply not my style
Most of what I write is sweet
and sure to bring a smile
My heart knows no bounds you see,
I’m open and secure
I’m honest in each choice I make
and do not like obscure
Friendship holds a higher place than
passion in my heart
For at the end of every day,
my friend you keep me smart
I believe in give not take,
ask and you’ll receive
Love is not a petty craze to compliment my need
Love does not come easily to
those who’ve known discord
But recognition is quite keen to
shout loud at the door
Now I’m not one for fancy things,
I live a life that’s pure
I also know a trick or two to
catch my own lobster
I find the beach is where my heart is
comfy and serene
Nothing beats the tranquil peace of
night sky’s lunar scene
I’m not afraid to try new things and
don’t back down in strife
I believe that all live things are
vital in this life
I do not wish to challenge, but
to share my life in full
Till my dying breath is had
and God reclaims my soul.

Copyright © September 14th, 2011 C. S. Walls

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

~Confession #1~

I have always been very good at mimicking anything that I see, be it technical, mathematical, language, or even writing style and technique. Someone once said in a conference that I went to, "garbage in, garbage out", and I completely understood it in the context that it was being used in at that time...friendships and the people you associate yourself with. That same philosophy does apply in many other areas of life though, and it comes to me often. If I spend too much time playing with other styles, I lose a sense of my own, and in doing this, I lose touch with a part of what makes my own writing uniquely me. It doesn't mean that I can't learn other styles, quite the contrary, they take hold a little too just means that in order for me to write something that comes from my heart, it has to be on my terms and in my own style. I don’t know if I’ll ever be good at writing on demand or from the heart in other styles, but I can write from my heart when I allow myself to write freely.

Copyright © September 14th, 2011 C. S. Walls

~My Smile~

There is so much flowing within this soul
I’m out of control and can’t let go, or

I’ll lose hold

Like a merry-go-round on turbo charged to maximum go, it’s
Sensational and terrifying, to
Open the door and glimpse the infinite scenes that play before me

With each image,
The sun shines brighter upon my heart

Knowing my path is true
Grants me serenity to
Seize each day
Reach my aim

And so,

With a smile in my heart, to
Confirm my dream into reality
I do not fear this journey, for

My smile is love,
Nothing can steal
This dream
From me.

Copyright © September 14th, 2011 C. S. Walls

~Dim The Lights~

Puppy kisses, and
Warm wishes,
Make you smile,
All the while,
You can’t help but hesitate, then
Fill your plate,
to overflow,
Before you know,
What you have,
Is somewhat tamer, than
what you aimed for,
not to worry…

dim the lights, and
hush the noise, that
complicates your,
luscious palate, for
more divine,
sips of wine, that
flush your cheeks, and
make you weak,
just what’s waiting,
for your sating.

A twist of fate,
Can complicate,
The most divine,
Abled mind, but
My repose,
Shall not close, to
That which sends me,
Over the edge to…

Thoughts of waking,
Breathlessly pleading,
Just one feeding,
Hungry kisses, that
Yearn to bliss,
My every wish,
Causing waves, of
Loves sweet haze,
Burning past,
One final blast, of
Passions rage, and
Disengage, to
Rest our phase,
Until my love requests,
Another dance.
Copyright © September 14th, 2011 C. S. Walls