Lake Erie Beach

Lake Erie Beach

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Serenity I seek thee in my hours of unrest. 

As my heart aches I yearn for solace.

Lost in this fury of emotions I press.

Laughter has left me, I must not digress.

Jaded and anxious, I look for guidance.

Unto the sky, I beseech thee kindness.

Look into me, can you see my essence?

Veiled in the folds of this dismal instance.

 Standing before you, exposing weakness.

Burdens unfettered, it feels so righteous.

Boundless and sound I feel this is pure bliss.

Despite callous souls I am making progress.

Tread lightly though, this was but one stress.

Have faith I’m told, Serenity he will bless.

Copyright © January 26, 2011 C. S. Walls

Friday, January 21, 2011


She sits alone as the chill of the winter’s eve embraces her.  Serenity settles in, finally, after such the arduous wave of disquieting emotions.   She was brought to the brink of absolute desolation after just one encounter. The surge of adrenaline supported her throughout the entire experience, making her feel stronger in fact.  When in all reality, she was still the same wounded soul, trying ever so valiantly to make her way through this world of disillusionment and mayhem.  

As the sun sets on the horizon, her scarcely developed feelings of contentment are now replaced with those too familiar feelings of despondency and turmoil.  The tears come flooding through without warning, leaving their mark down both cheeks and the front of her blouse.  As the last tear drop falls from the edge of her jaw, she feels an overwhelming sense of complete and total exhaustion settle in.  She barely makes it to her bed and clambers in between the sheets before she drifts off into her subconscious world, where all is well and nothing can touch her inner peace…

Copyright © January 21, 2011 C. S. Walls

Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Playground

I come here each and every day, keen to join in other’s play.

Shy at first without a clue, it feels as if I’m drifting through.

No one knows me or my name; it’s just so fun to join their game.

One game is not enough it seems, I think I’ll join in two or three.

Obsession lands so rapidly, I’m trapped by their hypocrisy.

What began as eight to ten has turned into three hundred friends!

These games are taking over me, I have no time to sit and read.

Days go by without concern, what time is it I feel a burn.

I’m lost inside this world of play; I must break free from want today.

I must recoil and take some time to poise myself and gain my shine.

As calmness sets into my core, I feel compelled to launch once more.

Gently reaching out to see if friends within remember me. 

Many friends are still at play; some have grown or gone away.

Many things have changed I see, so many things including me.

No longer drawn to games or play, I’m overwhelmed by words of praise.

These words that flow so gracefully, such splendor brought into my scene.

I barely recognize their name, we must have met to play a game.

No matter what the circumstance, here and now we have this chance.

A chance to form a bond so strong, it can’t be harmed when things go wrong. 

Past offenses matter not, we know the future holds the lot.

Encouragement doth flow both ways, to make us stronger every day.

And as our friendship grows and mellows, we introduce more friends and fellows.

Surrounded by our friends we’re strong, together we can all go long.

I never worry as we part, my playground lives within my heart! 

Copyright © January 16, 2011 C. S. Walls