Lake Erie Beach

Lake Erie Beach

Saturday, October 22, 2011

~At the Beach~

Warm summer breeze lifts and
Tease with ease as they
Sit on their knees
Feeding to please each
Swoop of the feather, this

Brings them together, with

Laughter abound for the
Clown on the ground who
Steps in time with
Rhythm and rhyme of
Each move made to
Ease the placement of
Every last one of their
Simple crumbs

This Sends them abound from
Sky to ground and
Back again
In hopes of being
One who catches
a prize in the sky…

Copyright © October 12nd, 2011 C. S. Walls

~Dreams and Ambitions~

Rain washes away all
Decay and sorrows of late
Making way for
Rebirth into pleasures state
With each passing chime of father time, there
Becomes greater reason for
Songs of a joyful season to
Captivate and stimulate
Our joyous state.

None to pass into feelings of
Pain or regret as so much
Coursing within gives way to
All dreams and ambitions
Flowing out and around
Like a whirlwind of emotions that
Cannot  be contained.

Without guidance, these
Untethered dreams float
Out of reach
Leaving one to chase
Any direction to
Claim the dream that
Gives purpose to resolution.

Grasping at straws that
Have no substance
Leads to self-destructive
Misguided deduction.

Reaching inside for insight is
The only true way to
Follow the path to resolution.

All things are possible with
Self belief and
Knowing with
Complete certainty
What you aim to achieve. 

Copyright © October 19, 2011 C. S. Walls

~Realizing the Dream~

Feelings of solitude
Ruminating times spent in
Comforting persuasion, have
Frequent times of

Knowing ones destination
Is only one part of
The equation

Faith in all parts of
A journey
Is great when
There is
Known resolution to
All variables that
Play into
The dream itself.

The unknown can be
Leading to
Various queries that
Flow from every cause

Giving confusion to
Purpose that
Was once absolute.

Seeing a dream to fruition
Without all variables
Seen to action
Takes away from
The journey.

The journey itself
Plays into the dream
In every sense.

Giving in to thoughts that
Lead away from
Our path
Confuses the aim
Set from start.

Clean up the clutter
Walk true to the path, and
None can go wrong.

Copyright © October 19, 2011 C. S. Walls

~Untitled Future~

The night speaks to me in whispers
Telling tales of
Day’s gone bye
In the blink of an eye
As if
Every scene that has
Played before me
Was but a moment in time
Leading to this moment
Where once again
My path has
Many different directions to take,
Only one leads through to
That place where
I can feel free from
That which has
Troubled my soul
for so long.

Every moment past has lent to
Who I am today,
Never to regret
One single moment, for
Each has meaning and
A place in my heart

Even those which have troubled me
Have given me strength to endure
All that was and is to come. 

Lessons learned give credit to
That which speaks to me
Each day as I give thanks for
All things given me
By His grace for
Nothing is possible
Without this…

To walk in faith is how
I choose to live,
Not looking back to see
What I may have missed, but
Looking forward to
What lies ahead in my path,
To look back while moving forward
Will only give cause to
Stumble over obstacles that
Are always there…

Anyone who ever said that
There are no obstacles,
Has never truly walked in faith…
To plan is not wrong, but
This does not leave room for
Times of turbulence,
Which often leads to
Trouble in dealing with
Obstacles as they come…

To plan ahead
With a knowledge that
There are sure to be
Many obstacles
Gives greater value to
The journey as
They are overcome with
The same faith that
Led to that time.

Strength is not something that
Can be measured
As each individual
Is given their own ability
To work through
And overcome,
We are all strong enough to endure,
It is a matter of
Reaching in and pulling on
That strength when needed,
As my lessons have taught me.

Realizing that
Even when feeling
Lost and alone,
I am never
Truly alone
As long as
I remember
Who I am and
Where I came from.

Looking forward
I am confident that
I can endure and
Will become
Who I am meant to be.

Copyright © October 20th, 2011 C. S. Walls

~Passions Embrace~

Letting go of all the fear
Brings me back to
Why I’m here

Reaching high unto the sky
Seeking answers as I lie here
Waiting for the perfect chance to
Give myself up to the trance that
Lights my soul and sets me free to
Let it out and follow thee
Out to the sands upon the beach
Where oceans speak
Through nature’s dance
Which gives me pause
To take a chance with
One deep breath ,
I’m floating calm
Into my night
I feel the pull of
Lovers plight to
Captivate my every whim, and
Bring me to my knees again with
Loves sweet nectar coursing through
My every wish comes back to

You and I together here
Beneath the moon that
Sings of cheer, and
Glistens brightly over you
Taking hold of love so true, it
Sends me deep into the view that
Causes mine own heart to burst
Anticipating lovers verse with
Passions coursing higher than
The boundaries of our universe

A need to show all that I have
Coursing through and out to you, is
So much more than
Pleasures seeking,
Pleading for release

It’s yearning with each breath I take,
To show the world all that you make me
Feel inside my heart and soul
This passion burns so out of control
It’s hard to keep it locked inside, for
Every thought is like the tides that
Burst out through each wave on high
Rolling out and to the sky, to
Crash back down and up again
Never fading to an end, it
Leaves me breathless and content, with
Every waking moment spent, in
Search of one more way to show
Just how much you’ve helped me grow
Into the person that you see
Standing tall before thee. 

Copyright © October 20th, 2011 C. S. Walls

Thursday, October 6, 2011

~Truth Within~

There is so much to say
So much to do it’s
Hard to conclude
Where to begin
Which way to turn or
What’s going to burn
In the end, there is no easy path,
No easy answers to all the questions,
There is only the truth that lies
Within each of us. 

This is our destiny,
To go out into the world
Find our path, and
Cherish each other

There will always be challenges along the way
And lessons to learn,
This is the importance of
Relying on each other for
Guidance and inspiration in
All that we do.  

Copyright © October 6, 2011 C. S. Walls

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

~Matrimonial Trust~

Many things left unsaid can 
Never really be, this 
Thing you call love is 
Always hurting me
All we share beyond compare
Truth be told, is
Heavens mold
Sit There 
Never sharing,

Nothing given in return
But those actions left
Devastate aim to fate, 
Held so tight as if to smite the
Very union held so dear, creating
Fear in place of cheer,
Bless a bond of
Matrimonial Trust. 

Copyright © September 27, 2011 C. S. Walls