Lake Erie Beach

Lake Erie Beach

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Love is tender,
When it’s true,

Love surrender,
Me to you,

Lift this shroud which binds my soul,

Grant me serenity,
A Conscious flow,

Let my words flow true to tone,
Nothing left here but bare bone,
Every sense is taut with hope,


Apprehension rules this boat,

Skepticism’s tendrils hold,

Rooted deep within my fold,

Past transgressions left their mark,

Seated high,
Upon this heart,

Time can heal all wounds it’s told,
Hazy is this fortune’s mold,

This my heart, it
Beats so strong,

Rhythms caught up,
In each storm,

Lay in wait,

For just one more,

Taste of that which,
sets my soul,


On fire,

Burning through,

Wanting more,
Of what you do.

Copyright ©  August 30th, 2011  C. S. Walls

Monday, August 29, 2011


Grey skies bloom thunderstorms

Washing away the slightest sigh

Thoughts wander
Wishes flounder

Laughter mocks the truest hour

Righteous is the hungered flower
Born to lie


Within the habitual fields of 




none the wiser 

for all see only the illusion of
this dismal shell, that once was


can never Be again…

Copyright © August 29, 2011 C. S. Walls

Unconditional Love

The truest love is pure as snow

lost to those who do not know

what to say or how to show

the love they feel
deep down inside

instead they hide and let it go
seeking shelter 


who knows

to have that bond, the one that binds
two souls together for all time

without the want
or need for more 

than uncorrupted, pure amore

Copyright © August 29th, 2011  C. S. Walls

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Passion's Demise

Sitting alone I look out into the dark night sky

Seeing all the wondrous beauty that shines from above

Nothing compares
Silence just stares

Loneliness seeps in like the cold hand of death himself

Weeping inside for passionate advances ignored

Longing for the tender touch of passions embrace

Left wanting

Waiting for the moment



In this moment will the stars shine for me
Will I have my moment to bask in the sun

I have known passion that reaches
Higher than any mountain

I am a sensual woman,
Touch is my trigger

Be it a subtle brush of fingers 


A gentle whisper in ones ear

What will it take to quench this thirst

What will it take to feed the beast that roars from within


Long forgotten in the winds of time

Now the need bleeds through like cuts from a razor

Nothing can quench this thirst that builds

No one hears the silent cries
Or feels the heat that builds inside

Thrills that weave the way
To ventures beyond compare


Left to fester in the land of dreams unrealized

Copyright © August 23, 2011 C. S. Walls