Lake Erie Beach

Lake Erie Beach

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lover's Dance

Find me,

Bind me,

Guide me through the storm,

Reaching out through the darkest hour,
As tempest’s fury’s enraged.

Use me,

Abuse me,

Confuse me with your words,

They twist, 
turn and churn,
As they roll from the tip of your tongue.

Feel me,

Steal me,

Reel me in with your forceful gaze,
Seeping deep into the depths of my wanton soul.

Impress me,

Undress me,

Possess me as the fire burns,
Deep within my heart,
In response to your own heated desires.

Our bodies mingle in passions embrace,

Every motion,
Ignites sensations,
Tensions build,
Until their final release.

Hands reach out to hold steady through each surge,



We are both left exhausted and trembling,


Happy and contented for the moment,

Until our next encounter,

When once again, 
We shall dance our dance.

Copyright © February 17, 2011 C. S. Leitze