Lake Erie Beach

Lake Erie Beach

Thursday, June 28, 2012

~Night Reflection~

Every thought within the night,
Sets my heart to soar,
Renewing dreams once set to fly,
With confidence once more.

Seeing every star above,
Lets the moon display my love, to
Light the fires that burn through time,
Deep within my heart divine.

Displayed before my love,
To claim,
Every word bequeathed,
With aim.

Copyright © June 28th, 2012  C. S. Walls

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

~Your Touch~

Your touch is,
Like a cool breeze drifting through, while
Lightning dances across the sky,
On a hot summer’s night,
Warm to the touch,
Gently caressing,
Warm shivers,
From head to toe,
Tickling goosebumps, to
Dance across skin bared, as
Sensual currents,
Gently flow through,
Energy builds to peak,
Releasing a shock wave of pleasure,
Leaving me breathless.

Copyright © June 26th, 2012  C. S. Walls

Sunday, June 24, 2012

~Forever Yours~

Knowing that my heart can break,
Gives me cause for no mistakes,
To give my heart to anyone,
It must be felt complete in love,
Knowing this and what’s at stake,
My heart remains yours to take.

With every heart beat felt so strong,
Trust is set, there is no wrong, for
Love that’s felt from head to toe,
Gives just cause to let it grow.

Copyright © June, 24th, 2012  C. S. Walls

Saturday, June 23, 2012

~Dream Building~

My dreams in life are quite discreet,
I have no need for fancy treats,
My heart’s desire is grand in size,
To hold this love I feel inside,
To give my all and see to light,
Dreams of holding through each night,
Till day breaks through, a new dawn
Lighting the way to love held strong.

Each step towards love is building faith,
For every breath I take is you,
Beating strong the whole night through, and
Every dream once held so tight,
Can be rebuilt to take its flight,
Fulfilling every passions plight, for
More than just one kiss,
My heart complete in bliss.

Copyright © June 23, 2012  C. S. Walls

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


The night captivates the sky,
Casting Moonlight bright and wide,
Seeing all from up above,
This world is overflowing love,
Spilling into every scene,
Settles native impairs green.

Without a single cloud in sight,
Every star is clear and bright,
Seen with more than naked eyes,
Spreading ‘cross the distant skies.

Flowing gently into dreams,
Lighting pathways through each scene, to
Fuel the fires burning hot,
Deep within each loving heart.

Copyright © June 19th, 2012  C. S. Walls

Monday, June 18, 2012


Summer’s breeze whispers loves verse,
Ringing through our universe,
Telling tales of days gone by,
Hope is where the future lies,
Bringing laughter back to share,
Every wonder in our care.

Copyright © June 18th, 2012  C. S. Walls