Lake Erie Beach

Lake Erie Beach

Sunday, July 1, 2012

~Coming Together~

If I were to tell you of,
All the dreams I hold within,
Show you every scene, that
Plays out so beautifully,
Through each day and night.

Scenes mend and meld,
Flowing into future scenes,
More beautiful than before, for  
Each scene that’s blended,
Life becomes more vibrant,
Lively and alive.

Opening up,
The world takes on,
New light and meaning,
A life lived to its fullest,
Involving all, and
Every aspect,
Contained within,
Passions of the heart.

Stars twinkle and shine, while
Fireflies dance to the rhythm and rhyme, of
Children dancing, while
Laughter rings a new season,
Bringing them all together,
Playing games, and
Singing songs.

As yesterday fades away
Tomorrow brings,
Garden bliss to life once more,
Kissing the moon goodnight, as
Daylight fades away,
Beneath a southern sky.

Copyright © June 30th, 2012  C. S. Walls

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