Lake Erie Beach

Lake Erie Beach

Sunday, July 1, 2012

~Love Heals~

Behind the scenes building these dreams,
Working daily to keep positive alive,
Tears do fall with even the happiest of memories,
Feeling that empty space, that
Can only be filled by ones embrace.

Meltdowns happen with an emotional twist,
Some days feeling warm and alive,
Looking forward to the day ahead,
Others feeling tired and lost,
Getting bored easily, and
Feeling anxious all the time,
There are days where everything,
Fluctuates in intervals,
Throughout the day.

All the time no matter the emotion,
Feeling that chill before,
a thought, and
Warm envelopes my heart,
Calm settles in,
Love puts it to rest,
Hope springs forth.

Needing this feeling to last,
Feeling all within,
Always calms the roughest storm, and
Brightens my darkest days,
There has never been,
Anything that isn’t calmed by,
Love within my heart.

Copyright © July 1st, 2012  C. S. Walls

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